Who is she?

She is Simone, or to most she is Simmy.

She is a twenty nine year old wanderer who lives in Malta, a small island surrounded by the lush Mediterranean sea.

She works in igaming; a far cry from her passion for travel and photography but nonetheless has given her the most incredible opportunities to explore her passion for both hobbies.

She loves nature and has spent much time contemplating whether she would prefer living by the sea or surrounded by mountains. After a brief experience in the Sahara Desert, she even mulled over the idea of packing it all in and living out the rest of her days in a berber tent.

You'll be happy to know that she didn't choose this path. This blog wouldn't have came into fruition and her relationship most likely would have disintegrated into the sand that she would have spent her days walking on.

She loves animals and cares about people. She is driven by trying to make the most ethical and sustainable choices.

She weeps over almost every Grey's Anatomy episode that is released and loves tea and coffee equally. She loves them even more if they're made by you.

She loves the company of others but needs double the time alone to recoup.

Give her stationery and she'll  you forever. Or pizza will work too.

Welcome xo

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