I left my ♡ in Reykjavik - Iceland [Part I]

Ah, Iceland.

Just over a year ago the boy and I booked a week in Iceland which was probably one of my favourite trips ever.

The northern lights, whale watching, glaciers and mountain views...what could be more appealing to a girl who loves being one with nature?

Ever since a slightly tipsy discussion with my dad at his pub (or what was his pub) about eight years ago, I had daydreamed about seeing those mountains up close and personal. One day, I said. One day.

Fast forward to 2015 and I can finally say that this country has been ticked off of my bucket list...but only just. I feel like I've only scratched the surface of this magnificent country and another visit in the near future is definitely on the books.

A road trip is definitely in order after reading this post by one of my favourite travel bloggers Be My Travel Muse.

 photo IMG_3945_zpssnvd6y8c.jpg

Our base for this short stopover was the capital city; Reykjavik. The city where you can feel at ease in a cafe catching up with your pals whilst your pram (warmly bundled up baby included) sits outside on the pavement. I found this so incredibly awesome! Just another reason why I fell in love with this country.

We balanced our days out with getting accustomed to the city as well as trips to some well known areas in the Reykjavik area. I'm a nature girl at heart so any opportunity that I can get to leave the urban jungle is more than fine with me.

Here are a few highlights from our walks around this quirky city

- Just a few minutes walk away from our hotel -

 photo IMG_3893_zpskd6xagxe.jpg

- The city and the colour <3 -

 photo IMG_3913_zpskyuagvgt.jpg

- A kooky sense of humour - 

 photo Icelandcollage_zpszqfybcw4.png
- Incredible views over the city from Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral -

Getting to the top will cost you a few cents but the 360 degree scenery is so worth it!

 photo IMG_3935_zpsc0sbhtzx.jpg

- ...and here's Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral in the flesh -

To the right of the photo is a statue of Leifur Eiriksson who is said to be the first European to discover America. Records suggest that he landed in America 500 years before Christopher Columbus! *fun fact*

 photo IMG_3917_zpse30bhrqa.jpg
    - Lake Tjornin all frozen over - 

We had some fun walking over the lake until I freaked myself out into thinking the lake would melt under my feet!

 photo IMG_3988_zpscpfz7oah.jpg

- We ate soup in bread - 

 ...and it was delicious! Try Svarta Kaffid when you visit Reykjavik.

 photo DSC_0091_zpsd7fagjsu.jpg
Happy times xo