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For our first full day in Iceland we booked a trip out to see to spot some whales!

It was a cold bleak day as we headed for the Elding boat and were advised by the crew to get into our overalls which trust me, if you're going to Iceland in January/February you will need. I'm pretty sure I would have ended up with pneumonia without that extra layer. Brrr.

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Pretty snazzy huh?
We decided to take this trip with Elding due their strong environmental background. It's important to us that these gentle giants are treated with the utmost respect and this goes for every species that the boat comes into contact with. There is no sonar equipment used to locate the whales; it's entirely dependent on the day and the food supply in the area.

 photo IMG_3845_zpsmqlszjoq.jpg It snowed pretty heavily which made it quite difficult to see! Taking photos was also a challenge. My hands had never felt so cold and I was genuinely afraid of getting frostbite on my toes. My circulation is poop at the best of times.

Our guide sat at the highest point of the boat giving us information about the whales that passed through the area. She was so enthusiastic and it was easy to tell that she loved her job despite the fact that she must have been freezing her butt off. Unfortunately it turned out that it wasn't our day for seeing any whales in the wild but we did see loads of white beaked dolphins so it wasn't all in vain.

 photo IMG_3820_zpsubo2407m.jpg photo IMG_3829_zpstbullveh.jpg photo IMG_3812_zps1gk6qtf9.jpg photo IMG_3784_zpsnazxuxtf.jpg In the evening we took the northern lights boat trip with Elding and for ten full minutes we had the fortune of seeing the light show that was playing above our heads! Unfortunately for us the trip lasted around three hours so we spent the rest of our time in the freezing cold staring at the sky for just another glimpse...the clouds did us no favours at all. Boo.

A hot cuppa was definitely well needed once we made our way back to land!

We haven't given up on our dream of seeing whales in the wild; be it Iceland or Canada, we'll find you!

Go and check out Elding for more info on their tours.

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