Adventures in Malta - Hiking from Mellieha to Mgarr

Malta hiking

Over the last couple of years hiking has become a big part of my life.

It all started with an offer from a good friend of mine to join him on a trip he was planning in Morocco. Without a second thought I had said 'YES' and was both joining his training groups and doing my own training to get into some kind of shape to trek up a mountain.

I promise that there will be more on that another time!

For today I wanted to share with you a recent hike in the understated but beautiful countryside of Malta.

My brother and his two gorgeous kids joined me and we had quite a full day. Although it was 20km, it's a relatively easy hike so my nephew and niece had no problem keeping up. They were pretty exhausted by the end of it all though!

Below is a rough outline to our hike. We basically started from the Solana Hotel in Mellieha and ended at the church in Mgarr.

Malta hiking
Malta hiking Malta hiking Malta hiking
Malta hiking
Spotted this little fella! It was so well camouflaged that my brother almost stepped on it.
Malta hiking
The beautiful clay hills at Ghajn Tuffieha
Malta hiking Malta hiking Malta hiking Malta hiking

This hike took us through the Il Majjistral Nature & History park which in Spring time is already quite dry and arid, but beautiful nonetheless.

It's also quiet which is quite a rarity in Malta.

When people say that Malta is small and dull I think it's because they haven't taken the opportunity to crawl outside of their comfort zone. Malta is certainly small, but there are so many hidden gems that I'm still discovering even after fourteen years.

So what are you waiting for? Get on your booties and start making memories!

Malta hiking

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