Le Meridien Hotel - St Juliens Malta: An overnight stay

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A couple of weeks ago the mister sent me a message exclaiming that he'd won a competition at work.

The prize was a choice of either an all expenses paid meal, a day of adventure or a night at a luxury hotel.

What did I prefer?

Well, I'm all for yummy food or a day of adventure but I know that these are things we wouldn't think twice of doing by ourselves. A hotel stay in Malta on the other hand is not necessarily something we would normally go for unless it was in Gozo or Comino...so with that in mind we opted for the hotel of course! Value you for money and breakfast included? Yes please :)

Le Meridien St. Juliens Hotel & Spa is located in the heart of the panoramic Balluta Bay and is directly on the bus route to St Julians or if you're going in the other direction - to Sliema.

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An unexpected surprise!
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I used to frequent (or not so frequent) the gym at Le Meridien so I had a little idea of the hotel itself but had never been a guest. This time instead of using the back entrance we were using the main reception which is located at the back of the hotel - in other words not the entrance looking out to the sea.

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The reception area
The reception area was large and inviting and check-in was fast and friendly! A good start and you can't ask much more than that. 

The room was light and spacious to our great approval! We were also happy to see some complimentary coffees would be waiting for us in Kudeta Bar just downstairs near the reception area.

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I was so happy to see a tea & coffee set! Kudos :)

To make the experience even sweeter we were treated to a beautiful view. It may have been cloudy but it certainly gave me the perfect photo opportunity!

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The view from our balcony - I've had worse views :)

After having our complimentary coffees we headed for the gym and spa. The pool was just as inviting as I remembered and I couldn't wait to try it out after working up a sweat in the well equipped gym.

I didn't take any photos of the gym unfortunately but you can find some on their site here

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I just love those pillars!

The spa area is just what you would want for a relaxing day; ambient lighting, quiet and thanks to all of the spa treatments it smells amazing.

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Feeling relaxed :)

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Not quite wine glasses, but they'll do ;) Things got a little blurry.

Feeling a little groggy, we woke up and headed down for breakfast - our favourite meal of the day (when we're staying at hotels that is!).

The breakfast was beyond my expectations actually; there was so much choice! The staff were so polite and helpful, even coming to our table to serve tea and coffee. 

We were quite amused by the couple behind us who were obviously preparing for a day out by collecting juice in a Fanta bottle and making salami rolls...classing up the joint ;)

Since check out was at twelve we decided to take advantage of our last couple of hours by heading up to the roof for a swim and some sun! The area was pretty decent though if I'm honest it could have done with a lick of paint and maybe some more plants just to give the area some colour and life. 

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All in all we were happy with our stay. It was clean, comfortable and ticked all of the right boxes for a nice time. I'm personally more of a lover for boutique hotels and quirky design which wasn't really Le Meridien but that's ok. It does what it does well and we can't ask more than that.

Have you stayed at Le Meridien St. Julians? Leave your thoughts in the comment box!

Happy Summer xo 

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