6 tips to prevent heatstroke this summer

Sunstroke is no funstroke.

That sounded better in my head but I'll roll with it...

I got to know this first hand when I suffered from my first case of heatstroke recently.

It was Lloyd and my day off so we decided to go and find a beach that we had visited last year with my parents in Selmun.

This beach is completely secluded. It's about a half hour walk from civilisation with no shops nearby so we knew that we should stock up on some food and drink before we arrived. All well and good, we packed a picnic and caught a bus up to Selmun.

Except for the wind sweeping sand into our faces every few minutes everything was great! We virtually had the beach to ourselves for the majority of the time and bar from the massive amounts of seaweed, we managed to have a nice little swim and snorkel a little further out.

A couple of hours later Lloyd suggested that we make a move and I reluctantly said yes. I'm so glad he made that suggestion as my situation could have been a lot worse.

On packing up, it was only then that I noticed that we were low on water.

"I was so sure that we had brought another bottle, otherwise I would have taken more care about how quickly I was drinking" I said.

As we began our journey back, I noticed myself taking shallower breaths and feeling very thirsty. My muscles ached with every step but I didn't want to stop because I knew it would be difficult to get myself started again. I was going noticeably slower than Lloyd and I wasn't talking (never a good sign!) I wasn't sweating; it was like my body was retaining as much liquid as possible to get me back to the bus stop. Apart from the effort of putting one step in front of the other, I didn't really feel much else except that I knew I could be in trouble if I didn't get some water soon.

Finally, Lloyd found a vending machine ahead in a park and bought me a bottle of water. I drank it in one go and it was like all of a sudden my sweat glands started to work. My whole body started to come alive again and I could feel the horrible chaffing between my legs that I hadn't felt for the whole walk back. It was after drinking water that I started to get stomach cramps and dizziness.

At the bus stop it was too hot to sit but I couldn't stand without any assistance so I just leaned myself against the side of the stop while we waited. It felt like it took forever to get home but as soon as we did, I went straight into the cold shower with a bottle of Gatorade. I had a huge headache so I basically slept for the rest of the day.

The sun is no joke guys, I couldn't even bear to go outside the next day; we needed some time apart.

I thought what with Summer well under way that I would post a few tips to protect you and your loved ones!

1. Make sure that you bring plenty of water! If you're other half is packing the bag then be sure to double check ;)

2. Wear a hat. I only had a wide brimmed sun hat and in the last minute I had decided to leave it as home since it was very windy!

3. Sunblock is your friend. I'd recommend factor 30 and above, especially if you have pasty english skin like me. I use Korres Sunscreen face & body emulsion yogurt. Apart from a dodgy spray bottle the cream is really good and doesn't leave you feeling greasy after application. Korres are also against animal testing which was my main goal when looking for a sunscreen - high five Korres!

4. Wear light clothing. Cotton is always a good choice.

5. Keep yourself hydrated by sipping water as often as possible.

6. After my experience I really don't recommend alcohol. I'm quite sure it's one of the reasons that I felt as bad as I did, and I hadn't drank very much.

So there you have it. Six tips to keep you safe in the summer sun!


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