China Archives - Trekking The Great Wall - Jinshanling: Part V

We’ve just arrived at our next lodge called the Nali Lodge after a 5 hour (10km) trek on the Jinshanling Pass. I found the day pretty tough going, particularly where the steps were just crumbles of rock and you literally had to climb up and down.  It was a beautiful section though, with some incredible views. My feet are totally killing me!

Enjoy the view guys :)

 photo DSCN1193_zps5jelhjcg.jpg  photo DSCN1199_zpsywwhinaj.jpg  photo DSCN1201_zpsmmsosjxi.jpg  photo DSCN1203_zps0ph56ltb.jpg  photo DSCN1209_zps8qoyvdte.jpg  photo DSCN1212_zpsbzk1ywvg.jpg  photo DSCN1213_zpsm6loznqq.jpg  photo DSCN1217_zpsrgmwrhjk.jpg  photo DSCN1219_zpsnocbmaa3.jpg  photo DSCN1222_zpsf2swsywb.jpg  photo DSCN1224_zpsthduqhnh.jpg  photo DSCN1226_zpsdxfyhuqv.jpg  photo DSCN1229_zps2kxgzdqi.jpg  photo DSCN1232_zpsnxeica7k.jpg  photo DSCN1233_zpslv1lxq3j.jpg
 photo DSCN1242_zpstgz2reqv.jpg

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