China Archives - Trekking The Great Wall - Part II


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What a day! Our wake up call was at 6:30am…lovely! Mind you, I was up at 6am by myself. 

By 8am we set off for our first big day. 

Our first trek started at the Badaling section of the wall which is a section that is rarely visited by tourists so we were basically the only ones there. I’m not going to give a full account but I will say this – the steps are deceiving. You turn a corner and find another flight, it was never-ending! Oh and for the five hours that we walked for, I think only about fifteen minutes of those were on a level path.

The wind was insane and conditions got so bad that we had to get as low to the ground as possible. There was a section where there was no wall on either side of us so we ended up going down on our bums which was quite funny.
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 photo 336599_10150380802897248_1094938877_o_zpshzdbaeyh.jpg
Holding on for dear life! It was SO windy.
 photo 334015_10150380800497248_172915646_o_zpsf9y3frkw.jpg  photo 341389_10150380801517248_2142826756_o_zpsdk7hd5kg.jpg  photo 341479_10150380145357248_1183017405_o_zpsuhragrlp.jpg  photo 340784_10150380805372248_1241417088_o_zpse3vsy9bv.jpg  photo 327908_10150380802002248_347255253_o_zpsztr3tkfi.jpg
 photo 326167_10150434082846019_707435801_o_zpsc1l8xdfj.jpg  photo 324658_10150380802712248_2100737554_o_zps24eszdcp.jpg  photo 324310_10150434096011019_1033775732_o_zpslqabbpdz.jpg  photo 323476_10150380801237248_2049407658_o_zpssuskhonu.jpg  photo 289862_10150380801782248_588262056_o_zpszo8whlo8.jpg
 photo 322497_10150380803802248_433741751_o_zpsvbyee3cp.jpg
A path less taken.

I have to say that it was the most challenging experience of my life and it’s only the first day! I ache like crazy which concerns me about tomorrow but hopefully I’ll be fine.

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